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The stories of our lives

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    This book is a brilliant masterpiece. I bought two books at first. I just ordered ten more, a perfect gift for the ones I love. Do not take my word for it. Read and discover the poignant beauty in Uju Oramah's real world thoughts. Amazon Verified Purchaser:
    Nedra S. MD
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    This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what life means and how to live it! The short stories and thoughts are weaved in a powerful way that it vividly shows what life means with such clarity I never knew was possible. In short, it has woken me up to revive my forgotten passion. Bravo!
    Oge Omorojie
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    Peace be unto you. This collection of poems is God-centered. It is for certain that Almighty God is the center of Truth. Therefore from the outset, Ms. Oramah makes it clear that “Thorns and Roses” reflects not only the Joy of the righteous but also the Storms of life that we must endure. As an independent thinker dependent on God I find this approach by Ms. Oramah very powerful. The author is also to be commended for her careful insight into the dramas of life that all that liveth face. As a writer and poet, I also find great comfort in writing about and or including my varied life experiences in my work. Here Ms. Oramah makes life changing statements and conclusions. This book, therefore, is directed to a wide range of people and all age groups. This inspirational, thoughtful and challenging poetry rendered by the author is very unique. I am sure this work will add to the existing literature and secure a very special place in the hearts and minds of those that read. Glory to God. Peace and Paradise,
    Carl A. Patton
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    horns and Roses is a beautifully written work. It captivates your soul and makes you want to read it over and over again. I couldn't put it down!
    Candy Thomas
This riveting collection of poems challenges the reader to think deeply about the journey of life. Thorns and Roses is an exhilarating read that takes the reader through the human existential experience. The reader is urged to enjoy the moment. A true masterpiece! 
Buihe Okenu, Attorney
San Antonio, Texas

Each of these pieces sent my mind into reflection about my life and the things I've experienced and learned. It also made me appreciate this one life I have to live. Great Work!.-
Cortnei Lewis MA