Origin of Our Lady of Pompeii Novena

Bartolo Longo

“With the boldness of desperation I lifted my face and hands to the Heavenly Virgin and cried, ‘If it be true that you promised St. Dominic that whoever spreads the Rosary will be saved, I will be saved, because I will not leave Pompeii until I have spread your Rosary.’” (Bl. Bartolo Longo)

Bartolo Longo: He was born Catholic who became a Satanist when he entered college to study Law. He studied hard in and they ordained him a satanic priest. But his life became restless. Evil haunted him. Out of desperation, he wanted to commit suicide because of a long depression, nervousness, and confusion. He consulted a Catholic priest who recommended him to confess his sins and return to church.  

So, he returned to the Church.
But as the devil continue to haunt him, he made the
above proclamation at Pompeii where his job took him.
Before his arrival at Pompeii, people of Pompeii had lost their faith, and ignorance and superstition prevailed.

After his vow to our lady, he went to work. He devoted the rest of his life in teaching the catechism and spreading devotion to the Rosary. Bartolo obtained a picture of our Lady and restored it, and placed it in a chapel. Today it is known as the picture of Our Lady of Pompeii. 

Through his encouragement, many people gathered before the picture to say the Rosary. 
As a result, many people received thousands of miracles through Mary’s intercession as Our Lady of Pompeii. Our Lady delivered also delivered Bartolo Longo from the taunting of the Devil, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

For that reason, each year, thousands of people all over the world travel to Pompeii. Today, many people still receive miraculous healing through the intercession of Our Lady of Pompeii.
His efforts sacrifices yielded the birth of the city of Pompeii as it is known today.